Top Commercial Real Estate Marketing Trends in 2016

Posted on June 10, 2016

In 2016, the commercial real estate market is expected to grow while demand strengthens. For that reason, it is extremely important that you stay ahead of the curve, especially in this digital age. The best way to accomplish this is by learning some of the more effective marketing ideas specific to the real estate market.

Of all your digital marketing efforts, your website is the hub. According to the latest statistics, 80 percent of investors and tenants conduct searches for commercial real estate using the Internet. Therefore, your website is critical when it comes to brand visibility. With a well-designed website, the volume of traffic will increase and a greater number of visitors will convert to actual customers.

  • Responsiveness—Most importantly, make sure your website is designed for mobile users. Today, a greater number of people use mobile devices instead of computers for online searches. Therefore, be sure to optimize the site for all mobile platforms. That way, your brand and services are communicated effectively.

  • Active Blogging—Both personal and business blogs are great marketing tools. Well-written blogs can positively impact social media visibility and search engines, but also serve as a foundation on which to build a relationship with potential and existing customers. The primary goal in writing blogs is to educate people with advice and tips. However, you can also use blogs to provide important company updates, discuss relevant topics, and share industry news.

  • Company News—While you want your blogs to be resourceful, if they become too news intense, the audience may lose focus. To provide readers with news-worthy topics without diminishing the value of blogs, you can create a separate place on your website dedicated to commercial real estate news. For one thing, this will let both customers and search engines know that your online business is up and running, with a designated news section that allows you to create more effective blogs.

  • Market Reports—Another great marketing idea for your commercial real estate business is to publish a current market report. For this, you can include all types of information such as rental square footage, vacancy rate, significant tenants, average rents, absorption rates, and more. To promote the market report, you can advertise it on your website by giving visitors an opt-in.

  • High-End Photos and Videos—Especially in real estate, high-quality images and videos are essential marketing tools. With this, your audience is provided with an exciting medium. Quality photos and videos showcase your company, as well as specific properties.

  • Improved SEO—Search engine optimization (SEO) has been a vital marketing tool for years. However, strategies, as well as search engine algorithms, have changed. Therefore, it is critical that you use the most sophisticated and proven SEO techniques available.