Technology Trends to Bring to the Workplace

Posted on November 5, 2020

Farmington Hills, MI – (November 5, 2020) You don’t need us to tell you that growth in computer technology and smart technology have completely revolutionized the ways people work. But that growth in technology hasn’t just changed the ways people work, it’s changed the spaces people work in. Today’s workplaces are more dynamic and flexible than they had been in decades past, giving people more control over where and how they work.

To take full advantage of all the benefits technology can bring to a workplace, offices need to be designed to support technology. But supporting technology can be much more than making sure you have a strong WiFi signal throughout the office. There are many ways technology can be used to help people do their jobs more effectively and to help you get more from your space. If you’re interested in creating a more high-tech workplace, consider these ideas.

Chairs around a table in a conference room.Technology-Supportive Furniture

Furniture that integrates with technology makes it easy for people to stay connected anywhere in the office, whether they’re at their main desk, in a conference room, or in a lounge area. For example, conference room tables often include built-in power outlets so that people can easily plug in their devices during meetings without having power cords running across the floor where they could be tripped on and additionally share their screens on the room monitor.

Smart Sensors

Technology can also help companies use their space more efficiently. Motion sensors for lights are one popular solution companies can use to keep their utility bills down by making sure lights aren’t left on when people aren’t actively using part of the office. Many companies that have large open offices also use timeclocks to control the times when lights are on and off, which prevent lights from going off when people are working at their desks, but are out of range of the sensor.

Other types of sensors can also be used to control the thermostat based on factors like how many people are in a room and what the temperature is like outside so that the heating and cooling system won’t be working as hard when people aren’t in the office.

Private meeting room with frosted glass walls.Room Booking Software

In many offices, meeting areas are in high demand and sometimes, this can make finding a place to meet difficult. In response to this, many companies have started using room booking software programs to make it easy for people to reserve spaces in advance and see which spaces are available at any given time. Companies that take this approach often place iPads or other types of devices on the walls of meeting areas that display the current schedule and allow people to book time on the spot.

Touchless Technology

As we continue to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, integrated technology in the workplace can be a very helpful tool in allowing people to return to the workplace safely. Given concerns around coming in contact with high-touch surfaces in common areas, many companies are looking into technological solutions to allow for touchless access, such as keycards, bluetooth entry, and voice activated technology. Given the convenience these types of technology offer, it’s very likely these types of solutions will remain popular even after we have a vaccine.

Not only do these types of features give people a convenient way to get in and out of the office, they bring an extra level of security to the workplace. With card readers, you know exactly who is able to enter the building. Card readers can also be used to prevent symptomatic people from coming into the office. For example, key fobs could be deactivated nightly and employees can be required to take surveys every day to be able to access the building.

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