More shipping container homes to be built in Detroit

Posted on May 6, 2016

More shipping container condos are being built in Detroit. Right now, at least three new condominium complexes made out of shipping containers are in the works.

A six-story, 8-unit complex is being built in Corktown and a four-story complex in Woodbridge, which would have 26-28 units.

“People are so excited they always come in and say ‘this is not what I expected. This is so cool, this is fun’ and it is. It’s cool, it’s fun, it’s sustainable,” says Kelley SIngler Fowler, VP of Operations at Three Squared, the company behind the shipping container condos.

Three Squared is also working on two buildings on their own.

“We already have a waiting list. People are excited to get into this area,” says Singler Fowler. “You should be very, very happy to be in a shipping container in any environment. We meet and exceed all building and safety codes. We can build faster, stronger and way more energy-efficient than your standard construction.”

To learn more or join the waiting list to purchase one of these unique condos, click here.