How to Raise the Appeal of Your Multifamily Property with Pet-Friendly Services

Posted on November 14, 2018

Today’s family boasts some extra-wild children—pets. Lovingly referred to as “fur babies,” pets are becoming a staple in the average renter’s household, with 70 percent owning pets in 2017.

Thanks to their certified family member status, pets can make or break a decision to rent. Families look to live in spaces that offer pet-specific services, and often must search longer for the perfect place to rent. With the right offerings in place, property managers can see their vacancy rates lower and renewals increase. Here are five ways property managers can make their living spaces more pet-friendly.

Create pet-specific activity spaces

Special spots created just for pets and their owners are a great way to get residents excited about living in your community. As pets are part of the family, renters also consider their comfort as they look for places to live.

Pet parks are excellent ways to help renters keep their pets healthy and active. Outdoor pet parks provide opportunities for pets to socialize with each other while running off the day’s pent-up energy, making them calmer and less likely to tear up an apartment. When building your outdoor park, be sure to include trash bags for clean-up, grassy areas to keep paw pads safe from hot concrete and fences to stop off-leash pets from running away. If a dedicated green space for pets doesn’t fit within your community, running paths for owners and their pets can serve as an appropriate substitute.

When creating these spaces, consider how colder months will affect renters. Their pets will still need the activity, even if snow is piling up outside. Installing an indoor pet park will keep both pets and their owners warm and provide an extra touch of hospitality you residents aren’t likely to forget.

It isn’t just pets that can benefit from these parks. Studies have also proven the importance of pet play spaces for human health. Pet owners are shown to have improved mental and physical health, as frolicking with their animals lowers blood pressure and generates more relaxation hormones. And, with a well-frequented space, residents have the chance to mingle with people who have common likes and interests. Investing in these spaces ensures that your residents will be happy with their homes and health.

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