How to Add Natural Touches to Your Office (Aside from Plants)

Posted on March 23, 2023

Farmington Hills, MI – (March 23, 2023) With as much upheaval as workplaces have been through in recent years, one thing that has remained consistent is the trend of biophilic design. For years before the pandemic came along, biophilic design had been one of the significant trends in workplace design and it remains very popular today. Biophilic design is a design concept centered around the idea of bringing touches of nature to indoor spaces as a way to help improve wellness. With all the time people spend indoors, being in spaces that remind people of nature can help them feel happier and more relaxed.

When it comes to creating spaces inspired by biophilic design, you’re inevitably going to hear a lot about plants. Living plant walls, potted plants throughout the office, and even imagery of plants are all extremely popular features in biophilic office spaces. Plants absolutely make a wonderful addition to an office, but there are plenty of other ways to bring in those touches of nature as well.

Office lobby area with wood block wall.

Natural Materials

As you think about the types of materials to use in your space, look for options that resemble natural elements. For example, when it comes to flooring, you could opt for something like a laminate with a finish that looks convincingly like real wood or stone. Or when you’re looking for furniture and decorations, look for things like cotton upholstery, bamboo accessories, or wood tables.

Two white lounge chairs in an office next to a blue zig-zag print wall.

Natural Colors

The colors you use in an office can impact more than your decor. Blue and green are two of the most popular colors to use in offices because of the fact that people associate them with peaceful natural scenes like calm blue skies and growing, healthy plants. Using these colors in your space can help people feel more at ease and reinvigorated. Another idea is to add some pops of yellow. Since yellow is associated with the sun, it can have an energizing impact on a space.

Office kitchen area with white walls, plants, and lots of natural light.

Natural Light

Even at work, it’s important for people to feel connected to the outside world. Maximizing access to natural light is important for employee wellbeing, both in terms of physical health and mental wellness. Not only can it help prevent problems like eye strain and headaches, it can help improve morale and productivity.

Outdoor office patio with grill and a round table and umbrella.

Outdoor Spaces

In addition to bringing elements of nature inside, we love the idea of adding outdoor spaces, like patios, to a workplace. On nice days, outdoor areas can offer a welcome break from working at a desk or having meetings inside. They can also make excellent areas for socialization and breaks.

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