How LED Lighting Is Transforming the Multifamily Industry

Posted on October 4, 2016

Owners and operators are looking for low-cost, low-maintenance upgrades to their buildings. Today’s new and improved LED light bulb may provide just the answer.

No matter the property type, multifamily owners and managers across the board look to create and maintain attractive buildings without breaking the bank. An appealing exterior and amenities draw in residents, but building upkeep can be costly. To create a win-win for everyone, owners and operators are looking for ways to include features that are impactful but low cost and low maintenance, including new lighting options. One solution they’re increasingly turning to is light-emitting diode (LED) lighting, which is truly disrupting the multifamily lighting space.


Nelson Management plans to install LED balcony lights on its upcoming property 275 South Street, being built in Lower Manhattan. © Mike Golden 2015, Photo Courtesy of Nelson Management Group

“LED lights have changed any type of area or location that needs lighting in such a big way,” Robert Nelson, president of New York-based development and management firm Nelson Management Group, told MHN. “From an aesthetic standpoint you can use brighter lights, and from an energy standpoint you’re using less electricity.”

The full story appears in the October issue of MHN.