Green, sustainable multifamily buildings key part of IBS

Posted on January 30, 2017

The 2017 International Builders’ Show kicks off next week and features several seminars focused on multifamily home construction in the green and sustainable building sector.

The annual event that attracts participants from around the world includes sessions touching on everything from addressing green-building myths to capitalizing financially on a sustainable approach to the benefits of various certifications.

IBS, put on by the National Association of HomeBuilders, runs Jan. 10-12 at the Orlando Convention Center. Click here to register.

Here’s a look at some of the seminars that are planned:

Dispelling Myths and Making Cents of Multifamily Green Building Certification

Led by LEED-certified engineers, this session helps participants understand the value and benefits green certification can add to a multifamily property, the costs involved in obtaining and the design and construction best practices to maximize return on investment.

With a number of certification programs available, the session also details the requirements of each program and the incentives available to help offset costs including tax credits, expedited permitting and reduced permit fees. Instructors will show how each certification program addresses building types, and how those differences will help designers and builders determine the best program to fit their needs.

Latest Generational Trends in Multifamily Housing

Participants will learn about the latest trends in the evolution of amenities, tips to increase the perceived value of a property and how colors emotionally impact the generations.

Multifamily Economic and Market Outlook

As a new year begins, the session looks at what the multifamily housing market in 2017 and beyond. A leading industry researcher and an NAHB economist will analyze economic conditions affecting the multifamily housing industry. National market trends, household formation, job growth and other statistics will also be discussed to help developers and builders make multifamily development decisions for their businesses.

High Performance, Insulated Concrete Wall Panel Systems in Residential and Commercial Construction

Participants will learn how design flexibility, energy efficiency, high-wind resistance and cost advantages make precast wall panel systems a solution for construction projects.

The session will focus on new, advanced manufacturing technology that is making high-performance, insulated concrete wall panels readily available for all residential and commercial projects. Using the latest in design software and production equipment, digital files are being sent to the manufacturing plant straight from plans-to-production.

In addition, precast wall panels can now be designed with edge-to-edge XPS (extruded) insulation, fiber composite (non-metallic) ties and with tolerances of 3/8-inch or less in a 41-foot by 11-foot concrete panel. Multiple exterior features can incorporate brick, form liners and a full spectrum of colors using textures or non-textured post applied finishes.