Friedman Real Estate: A Key Player in Detroit’s Central Business District

Posted on April 26, 2024

Farmington Hills, MI – (April 26, 2024) A decade after its historic bankruptcy, Detroit stands as a testament to resilience and transformation. The city pulses with new developments, from industrial complexes to sleek office spaces, from bustling restaurant and retail hubs to modern residential developments. The city’s real estate market is a mosaic of opportunity and growth.

As one of the largest and most experienced commercial real estate firms in the Midwest, Friedman Real Estate is not just a participant but a driving force in Detroit’s resurgence.

Recently, the city achieved an NFL draft attendance record that left seasoned commentators and officials in awe. Over 275,000 fans flocked to Campus Martius, where the draft unfolded. The scene was electric, and Detroit proved itself a great football city, drawing fans from all corners.

Become a part of Detroit’s evolution. Discover properties that are redefining the downtown Detroit landscape and discover spaced that uniquely meet your specific goals.

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