17 Simple Property Management Steps for a Better ’17

Posted on December 29, 2016

Little things can go a long way to make residents happy!

New Year, new you, right? Um, no. New Years resolutions are pretty much a sucker’s bet. It’s why gym membership spikes in January and then flatlines in February, and why you’re most definitely not going to finish Moby Dick (that, and there are far too few explosions and sexy strangers with secret pasts in that book. At least, there weren’t any in the Cliff’s Notes version I read in college. Maybe in the director’s cut?). Big changes are just too hard to stick to.

Little changes, though. Little changes are easier.

Here are 17 simple steps you can take in 2017 to be a better property manager and to enhance your community.

1.Have better coffee at the coffee station for residents
2. Make cleaning the gym and wiping the machines a priority.
3. Post at least once a week on social media about the community—promote events, feature residents, talk about what’s going on in the community.
4. Smile. At your residents, at your staff, the mailman…
5. Try to always dress your best—you’ll project more confidence, which will carry over into your work.new-years-eve
6. Set up an auto-pay option for residents to pay rent.
7. Keep pet treats at the front desk.
8. Also keep people treats at the front desk.
9. Read industry blogs. Such as Multifamily Insiders. Or, I don’t know, this one.
10. Quickly change light bulbs when they go out. (How many property managers does it take to change a light bulb? No, seriously. You might need help.)
11. Notify residents immediately when they have packages.
12. Encourage residents to review the apartment online.
13. Check in with your staff weekly to address any issues before they become problems.
14.  Schedule a fire drill. (Annoying, but necessary so everyone knows what to do in an emergency.)
15. Do something for the greater good—food or clothing drive, host an event where residents can prepare sandwiches for the less fortunate.
16. Incorporate the color of the year into a staged apartment using fun knickknacks or throw pillows.
17. Two words: Margarita Mondays!